Christmas Past

8 dozen cookies. Some were from the package of premixed ingredients and some I made from scratch. I only bake this time of the year and a little bit at Easter.

I love to keep the tradition alive and I love spoiling my husband and kids. Christmas is such a wonderful time, but the memories are sometimes too painful. I can easily be transported at anytime to my childhood where I remember my own grandmother baking and me setting the table getting ready for a big dinner at her house. My brother and I spent every weekend there as kids in Bucks County, PA. We loved it-we loved having our grandparents company. Whether it was playing board games or bingo or taking a drive to Crystal Cave in Kutztown, PA., we always knew how to have fun.

I was my grandmother’s only granddaughter. When she passed away in 2002, she left everything to me- this included all of her bakeware. I have large Pyrex bowls from the 1970’s that are still in perfect condition and that I use almost daily to cook. It is such a special treat for me to be able to use the same bowls and metal spoons that she used all those years ago. It’s almost like the tradition continues from her hands to mine.

While I do complain about my own children being too loud I still get lonely missing the voices I can no longer hear. I’m sure all of us can attest to that in some form or another.

Who do you miss the most this time of year? Tonight when you get done wrapping your presents, raise a glass or cookie to those who came before us and whose memory we could get lost in. I truly believe they’re listening and watching over. And I know I will be steadfast in honoring the memory of Christmas Past.

True story.

As baffling as this year has been, true stories still continue to amaze me. I love the authenticity of a good story especially if it’s done by a good storyteller. Before we dive too far in, my name is Jen. Linden Magnolia is the name of my brand, but the name itself has a much deeper meaning.

Linden was the name of my grandparents street when I was a little girl. I was always very close to both of them. My grandmother passed away in 2001. My brand and the names Linden and Magnolia are synonymous because it’s where the past is now meeting the present. Magnolia is the ying to Linden’s yang. Although it was a rougher time at my parents home on Magnolia, my story would not be complete if it weren’t acknowledged.

So that’s the story behind the name, for now. I’m so excited to have you here and to learn from each other. Who were you close to growing up and how do you acknowledge them to this day? I would love to hear your thoughts.