One for you, two for me.

Cookies. We all love them. I’m sure if you’re like me, you especially cannot resist them around the holidays. I think its only tradition to fill your belly with Christmas Cookies until you burst-do you agree?

In connection with my previous post and baking with my grandmother’s bowls and utensils, I thought I would pass on my treasured recipe for my Italian Ricotta Cookies. These little gems will melt in your mouth. There are some recipes that call for lemon, but I use almond in mine. I’m attaching a recipe that I use. What is your favorite thing to bake? Do you like to spend time in the kitchen or just eat the delicacies others make? There is honestly something about baking that I really enjoy. I cannot decorate cookies for anything but measuring and sometimes giving good guesstimates to amounts I need, I can do that. And I love giving them as presents.

If you try the recipe or a variation, let me know! I would love to know your thoughts.

Merry Christmas

I haven’t had my blog long, but I wanted to wish my sweet followers a very Merry Christmas! All the best from me to you and yours!

Christmas Past

8 dozen cookies. Some were from the package of premixed ingredients and some I made from scratch. I only bake this time of the year and a little bit at Easter.

I love to keep the tradition alive and I love spoiling my husband and kids. Christmas is such a wonderful time, but the memories are sometimes too painful. I can easily be transported at anytime to my childhood where I remember my own grandmother baking and me setting the table getting ready for a big dinner at her house. My brother and I spent every weekend there as kids in Bucks County, PA. We loved it-we loved having our grandparents company. Whether it was playing board games or bingo or taking a drive to Crystal Cave in Kutztown, PA., we always knew how to have fun.

I was my grandmother’s only granddaughter. When she passed away in 2002, she left everything to me- this included all of her bakeware. I have large Pyrex bowls from the 1970’s that are still in perfect condition and that I use almost daily to cook. It is such a special treat for me to be able to use the same bowls and metal spoons that she used all those years ago. It’s almost like the tradition continues from her hands to mine.

While I do complain about my own children being too loud I still get lonely missing the voices I can no longer hear. I’m sure all of us can attest to that in some form or another.

Who do you miss the most this time of year? Tonight when you get done wrapping your presents, raise a glass or cookie to those who came before us and whose memory we could get lost in. I truly believe they’re listening and watching over. And I know I will be steadfast in honoring the memory of Christmas Past.

Such beauty.

When I saw this picture, I couldn’t help but feel at ease. This Christmas season has felt like no other Christmastime before it. There are still the classic shows on television, but some of the magic was missing. I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across this stunner. I felt something when I saw this. Maybe it was just the beauty of it. Maybe it was the calming effect of it for me. Maybe it reminded me to slow down and look at the details a bit-notice the colors of things more accurately and put a feeling with what I was looking at. There was definitely a connection here. How have you been feeling this year? Is it hard to put into words? As parents we are still buying presents, baking, and moving the elf, but is it harder or easier to get into the spirit? I would love to thank BlueGrayGal for the sharing her beautiful tree with the world…my soul really needed this.