So I have started a company and by now you know if you have read my previous posts. However, I have to say being in business for myself is not easy. I never expected it to be either. Each night, I go to bed scouring Pinterest, looking for ideas on how to market my shop, keep up with SEO, and develop new products. I stepped away from blogging because I wanted to really concentrate on what I needed to do. Then it hit me.

Product sales will come later. They will. Right now I am just getting my feet wet and getting acclimated to my new role-business owner. I’m building a brand from the ground up and the excitement of it all conquers the fears.

At first I was afraid of failing. Then the question that kept playing in my head was when do you know when to walk away and when do you know when to push forward and keep trying? I LOVE what I do and I love the flexibility of it. I’m a very driven person, but I have a lot of trouble with direction.

Does any other business owners have trouble with this as well? Thanks for hearing me out. Onward and upward!


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